Keeping in Balance: Wellness & Proactive Care

  • By Jennifer Prezioso
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Feb 2024
Keeping in Balance: Wellness & Proactive Care Here’s how you can keep your feet and ankles healthy - without visiting the doctor. It’s reassuring to know that modern, advanced health care offers plenty of effective tools to correct common ailments and get us back on our feet. And while breaks, sprains, bruises, cuts, and more [...]

Video: What to Expect During Your First Appointment at Balance Foot & Ankle

Jul 2023
From your very first appointment and beyond, Balance Foot & Ankle is committed to providing compassionate and excellent care for your foot and ankle health. In this video, our Director of Employee Relations & Patient Experience, Hayley Campbell; and our Director of Operations, Jennifer Garretson take us through what you can expect during your first [...]

How to Know When It’s Time to Visit Balance Foot & Ankle

Balance Foot & Ankle - 7 Toe Tips
Jul 2023

How to Know When It’s Time to Visit Balance Foot & Ankle Our feet often bear the brunt of our daily activities, allowing us to walk, run, and engage in various physical pursuits. However, we often tend to overlook their importance until pain or discomfort starts to hinder our mobility. When foot and ankle issues […]


Video: Ask a Podiatrist with Dr. Prezioso and Dr. Hastings

Jun 2023

You asked, we answered! Watch Balance Foot and Ankle specialists Dr. Jennifer Prezioso and Dr. Charles Hastings react and respond to some of the Internet’s most interesting podiatry questions. Have a burning question? Don’t hesitate to give us a call or schedule an appointment.  


Video: Ask a Podiatrist with Dr. Charles Hastings

Apr 2023
Ever wondered about the things people ask Podiatrists on the Internet? Join Balance Foot & Ankle specialist, Dr. Charles Hastings DPM, FACFAS, FFPM RCPS (Glasg) on an expedition to answer the Internet's burning questions about all things foot and ankle health!   Let us restore your balance. If you notice the discomfort in your heels [...]

Mending Dry Skin: Tips & Tricks

Balance Foot & Ankle - Feet Beach Ready
Dec 2022

Mending Dry Skin this Winter We all deal with dry skin from time to time, especially during these chilly winter months, and while it’s a common ailment it’s also one that can cause discomfort. Often times we overlook dryness in the feet, but we owe it to ourselves to understand the cause and take measures […]