Four Ankle Strengthening Movements You Can Do at Home

It’s no secret that our ankles play an essential role in every step we take, our ability to stay upright, and in performing almost every other physical function on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many people have weak ankles, which can often lead to injuries and chronic pain. Age, weight, footwear, overuse, trauma, and other conditions cause ankle problems. The good news is that we can take control of the health of our ankles by working to make them stronger.

Here is a list of simple, at-home exercises that will lead to healthy and strong ankles.

Movements to Strengthen Your Ankles

Before doing any exercises, make sure to warm up with a low-intensity activity such as walking or riding a stationary bike for a few minutes.

  • Improve balance: Standing upright, slightly lift your left leg off the ground, shifting weight-bearing to your right leg. Hold for a few seconds and then switch legs. As you
    improve, increase the amount of time you balance on each leg.
  • Increase range of motion: while seated, use your foot to write out the letters of the alphabet, leading with the big toe. Keep the movements small so that you are just
    moving your foot and ankle and perform with each foot.
  • Build strength: place 20 marbles (or another small item) on the floor in front of you while seated. Use your toes to pick up and place one marble at a time into a bowl. Repeat with the other foot. A
    similar exercise can be performed with a towel. Placing it in front of your feet while seated, grab the center of the towel with your toes and scrunch it towards you. Repeat
    with the other foot.
  • Step it up a level: once you’re comfortable with the above exercises, you may be ready to progress to doing calf raises. This can be performed by standing on both legs, using a wall or chair for balance, and slowly raising one heel off the ground, then lowering it. Repeat on each leg ten times.

As always, we’re here for you. If your ankle issues persist or worsen, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today so that we can ensure you’re on the path to healthy feet and ankles.