Finding and Buying Shoes That Fit Properly

Sep 2021
The tell-tale signs of autumn are all around us. School bells ring once again, football games are kicking off, and just about everything comes in pumpkin spice!

As the air turns crisp, and the leaves transform into a prism of color – our wardrobes begin to change in tandem. As that favorite cozy sweater takes the place of breezy summer linens, now is the time to swap out sandals and barefoot behavior for comfortable and smart footwear choices that will have your feet feeling

After a long summer of meticulously pedicured toes in often unsupportive shoe gear, now is the time of year to give those feet much-needed support [and warmth] in boots, sneakers, clogs, etc.

Let’s talk about shoe shopping.

As I often share with my patients, there are several things to consider that go beyond the aesthetic appearance of a shoe when shopping. Whether you are shopping for shoes to get you around campus, for the office, or for weekends with friends – these tips will help keep your feet balanced.

Before you head to the shoe store, stand on a blank piece of paper and trace each foot as accurately as possible. Then take this tracing with you when shopping for shoes. Place your desired shoe on the tracing. Does the shoe cover your tracing or do you see the outline of your foot extending beyond the margins of the shoe? This can be a simple and fun way to keep yourself honest when making shoe selections. Choosing a shoe that is too narrow for your actual foot shape could set you up for future issues such as pain, calluses, blisters, ingrown toenails, and the progression of some deformities, such as bunions and hammertoes.

Next, find a reputable shoe store that can assist you in the correct shoe size, shape, and type to fit not only your feet but also your lifestyle. They will measure your feet to ensure that you are indeed selecting the correct size.

Consider shoe shopping later in the day when your feet may be a bit larger from swelling, as this is natural after a day on your feet and walking about. This will give you a better idea of the shoe size and shape that is best for you.

The last tip is to try to be reasonable and as practical as possible. Boots with a narrow toe box and narrow 4-inch heel may look beautiful, but in turn, may haunt you later down the road. Reserve those beauties for occasional outings when you know you will be sitting all night long. Go practical and comfortable for everyday wear, exercise, and casual events.

Believe me, your feet will thank you!

Walk well. Be well.