Technology for a Better Patient Experience

Following the patient-centered philosophy, Balance Foot & Ankle recently invested in new technology to offer patients greater choice in their medical care. Most people that suffer from joint pain may assume that an MRI is required to view an injury. However, Balance now offers technology solution at its state-of-the-art practice that could save you time when evaluating foot and ankle pain or injuries.

The mi-eye is an in-office handheld diagnostic scope that is inserted into a joint to view the injury. The scope has a light source and camera that displays a clear image of your injury on a high definition tablet display. In some instances, the in-office mi-eye procedure may be an acceptable alternative to an MRI.

Balance Foot & Ankle - Trice
  • Our team at Balance will clean and sterile prep the procedure site
  • Local anesthetic numbs the skin and surrounding area to reduce pain
  • Once the joint is numb, your doctor will re-prep the area and insert the mi-eye into the joint
  • During the procedure, your doctor will examine your joint, giving you a real-time view with little to no pain
  • After the procedure, the area is bandaged and you can return to activities as tolerated with an immediate answer and treatment plan
Balance Foot & Ankle - Trice