Balance Foot & Ankle - Antony George

Preventive, Occupational & Non-Surgical Sports Medicine

Dr. George is a musculoskeletal injury specialist with a rare, non-surgical approach. Using biomechanics, manual techniques, and exercise, he improves function and prevents further injury. He specializes in Workers’ Compensation, athletes, low back pain, headaches, DOT, and physicals. He is a three-time “Patients’ Choice Award” recipient. Special interests include dance medicine, women’s health, wellness and nutrition. He is a Co-Founder of Body Kinetex performance testing and training program.


Education & Experience

  • Graduated from Medical College of Ohio in Toledo, M.D.
  • Earned his Masters of Public Health from UCLA, M.P.H.
  • Internship in Family Medicine at UC Irvine Medical Center
  • Residencies in Clinical Preventive Medicine & Occupational Medicine at UCLA
  • Fellowship in Emergency Medicine at NYU
  • Fellowship in American College of Sports Medicine
  • Physician for the Los Angeles Ballet and LA City Police & Fire Departments
  • Local: Cleveland City Stars Soccer Team physician and clinical faculty at Case Western Reserve of Medicine (2007-2012)
  • Occupational medicine at Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals

Dr. George enjoys his family, hiking, sailing,  recreational sports, golfing, and dancing. He also speaks conversational Spanish, French and Arabic.

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