Balance Foot & Ankle - x-ray Guest Column: The Podiatrist is in! Meet Dr. Jennifer Prezioso Guest Column: The Podiatrist is in! Meet Dr. Jennifer Prezioso

Have you ever found yourself, at the end of an evening, thinking of nothing other than getting home and switching out your gorgeous-but-painful pair of shoes in exchange for an old pair of slippers that has seen better days but never lets you down? If yes, then pull up a chair, have a seat, and welcome home. My name is Dr. Jennifer Prezioso, and I am a shoe lover (and hater) just like you. But, as a Podiatric Surgeon, board certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, I am also a dedicated member of the world of Foot and Ankle specialists striving to help people understand their individual foot type and how to make sure they are making healthy shoe choices. So I not only empathize with those who adore shoes but face footwear challenges, I also advocate for them every day. I recently had the opportunity to write a guest column for on this very topic. If you would like to learn more, read the full article here.



The Unveiling of Our New Practice and Wellness Center

The Unveiling of Our New Practice and Wellness Center

It was so exciting to open our doors on Saturday, September 30th to the community and highlight our office, staff, and all of the amazing services we have to offer our patients and clients. We are especially thankful for everyone that attended. Please enjoy photos from our celebration below!

Balance Foot & Ankle - Jennifer Prezioso

Meet Dr. Jennifer Prezioso

Meet Dr. Jennifer Prezioso

No matter a patient’s goals, whether it be running a marathon or taking a walk without pain, Dr. Jennifer Prezioso is on a mission to create a unique patient experience that blends hospitality and compassion with a personal and innovative approach to medicine.

“We are re-imagining what it means to go to the doctor’s office,” says Prezioso, Founder & CEO of Balance Foot & Ankle Wellness Center. “We are so excited to share that vision with the community.”

The state-of-the-art clinic, located on Madison Avenue in Lakewood, is devoted to delivering a full range of modern and creative solutions to patients with a balanced approach to total wellbeing. Board certified surgeons, led by Dr. Prezioso, specialize in treating an array of foot and ankle related conditions ranging from generalized aches and pains, fractures, skin and nail issues, and sports injuries to surgery and reconstruction of the foot and ankle.


What drew you to specializing in Foot & Ankle-related injuries and issues?   

The field of Foot and Ankle, Podiatry specifically, is a very relatable specialty. Foot and ankle conditions are extremely common and the proactive diagnosis and treatment is an integral part of getting people back on their feet and restoring their quality of life.  As someone who specializes in this field, I am able to see and treat patients of all ages and am able to help people manage and recover from a variety of conditions.  Each day, I am able to have a positive impact on my patients’ lives even if in the smallest ways which is very rewarding for me.  It is important for people to understand the value in thinking about their own foot and ankle health and wellness. I strive to offer recommendations, guidance, and treatment options that fit each individual’s needs and goals.


What kind of physician do you aspire to be?

I strive to be the kind of physician who is an advocate for her patients and puts their needs first. I aspire every day to create an environment where people feel welcome, safe and comfortable to receive their medical care. Providing a valuable service to families and the community is integral to what I want to do.


Why should someone see a podiatrist?

It’s important to understand your individual foot type. Understanding your foot structure and the biomechanics of your foot can be one of the most important ways to prevent injuries. Know thy feet.

What are common reasons a person would see a podiatrist?

A person would see a podiatrist for a number of issues ranging from callouses, warts, hammertoes, bunions, tendinitis, aches and pains, sports related injuries, arthritis in the feet and foot and ankle deformities.


Tell us about the vision behind Balance Foot & Ankle.

Balance Foot & Ankle is all about keeping the patient’s entire wellbeing and experience in mind while providing top notch foot and ankle care.  At Balance, we also want to protect and nurture that sacred patient-physician relationship.  The bond between a patient and their physician should be filled with trust, respect, and genuine care. A strong patient-physician relationship is so important to me. Unfortunately, with healthcare today, we often times see that relationship being overshadowed.


We want to really get to know our patients. Take time and ask the right questions. It should be about suing all of your senses and intuition to get to know a patient. Patients deserve that. That’s why I wanted to be unique in our practice strategy and practice design. My vision is to incorporate medicine, wellness and spa – that’s the hybrid – so patients feel relaxed and welcome.


What makes Balance different from traditional podiatric practices?

We’re trying to break the mold. First and foremost, our practice is patient-centered and their care is individualized. We also have a creative approach in the service we provide to our patients. It’s like something you would find in hospitality or retail, where you expect exceptional service in an exceptional environment. I also think the addition of the spa is unique.

We’re a one-stop shop – clinic with experienced surgeons on staff, a spa, an in-house dispensary pharmacy. We have in-house state-of-the-art x-ray equipment and premium retail products (topical creams, soaps and scrubs, and accessories for shoes). We try to house things here to make it convenient for people so that they don’t need to stop at one place for their medication and another place for insoles for their feet for example. I believe that this combination of podiatric medicine and surgery, retail, and spa all in one is unique.  I don’t think there is another podiatric practice in Cleveland like us.


What do you hope to provide for your patients? What do you hope they walk away with?

I want each patient to walk away with a feeling of confidence and motivation, that whatever the ailment they come in for, they will leave feeling that together we are going to proactively work on a plan to reach their goals through a multi-disciplinary and goal oriented approach.