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Balance Foot & Ankle - Emily Merriman

Emily is a Clinical Assistant and Certified Fitter of Therapeutic Shoes at Balance Foot & Ankle, prioritizing our patients’ footwear needs to find their balanced fit.


Emily is a Lakewood native who is thrilled to be working within the vibrant community she calls her hometown.  Having years of experience in the customer service industry and managing a salon and spa, Emily felt inspired to join a team that values hospitality and the patient experience. Emily brings her passion for exceeding guests’ expectations within a spa-like atmosphere to the field of medicine. Throughout her career, the foot-body connection was always a focal point which made Emily’s transition into podiatry a natural fit.


Emily’s salon and spa background differentiates her from traditional clinical assistants, helping us reach our goal of creating a warm and relaxing environment that focuses on the patient’s complete well-being.  Additionally, Emily’s background as a runner means she has a special understanding of patients’ footwear needs, as she has been a patient herself.


Emily, her husband, two daughters and son currently reside in Bay Village, OH.  Whether they’re exploring the Metro Parks, working on the backyard or cooking out, Emily and her family are bound to be outdoors and active.


To keep feet happy, Emily recommends regular visits with your podiatrist to help prevent injuries.  Custom orthotics or shoes offer support, comfort and cushion for your entire body.  Emily stresses the significant impact one’s feet can have on their entire body from the way one walks and stands to their hip and joint alignment.


To create a unique patient experience that blends hospitality and compassion with medicine within a contemporary yet warm environment that allows us to build relationships with our patients, clients and community. We are devoted to delivering a full range of modern and innovative solutions to our patients with a balanced approach to total wellbeing.