Video: Achilles Tendon Strain - Road to Recovery

Your Achilles tendon serves as the connection between your calf muscle and the bones in your foot, which means you use it every day, all day long. It is also the thickest and strongest tendon in your entire body, which makes injuries like an Achilles tendon strain so much worse.

Most people injure their Achilles tendon playing sports, especially those that involve running like soccer, basketball, and tennis. It’s also possible to strain this tendon by simply falling or tripping. That makes stretching before any physical activity even more important as these injuries can result in immobilization for months, even ending sports careers.

How do I recover from straining my Achilles tendon?

If you’ve strained your Achilles tendon, the recovery process is gradual, requiring patience and time. Making an appointment with your board-certified podiatrist at Balance Foot & Ankle is an important first step. Your injuries might require rest, ice, anti-inflammatories and immobilization, depending on the severity. Recovery will be closely monitored and standard recovery protocols typically include physical therapy and at-home stretches. In doing so, with proper restoration, you can expect to return to your normal physical activity in about six months.

Here are three tips to make sure your recovery goes as smooth as possible:

  1. Sleep: Muscles and tissues rejuvenate and repair during sleep. So, getting sufficient rest each night provides your body with time to heal.
  2. Ice and Elevate: After injuring your Achilles tendon, your ankle may be swollen and sore for the next few days. To reduce swelling and pain, use an ice pack for 10-20 minutes at a time every few hours and elevate your ankle above your heart while sitting or lying down.
  3. Exercise: Your physical therapy stretching exercises are an important component of your recovery. Follow all of the instructions given by your doctor, and be mindful of your pain levels. Taking it slow and steady is the best path to a healthy recovery.

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Recovery after an Achilles tendon strain can be a long road. However, our trusted team of podiatrists at Balance Foot & Ankle can help get you back on your feet with a personalized treatment plan that emphasizes a holistic approach to total wellbeing.

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